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Empowering Children of Incarcerated Parents & At Risk Youth through Circles of Support!



About Us




C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids to provide programs in a safe, caring environment that supports children, teens and their families previously in Long Island and Queens, NY areas who are grieving the loss of a parent/sibling due to incarceration...currently in Orlando, FL. We are also focused on the myriad teens-at-risk whose immediate environment is a threat to their well-being.  We support participants through education, compassion and understanding as they integrate separation into their lives at their own pace.  

C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids is founded on the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to deal with separation in a supportive and understanding environment through peer to peer education supervised by trained facilitators.





Alicia Figueras-Lambert has always had a passion to work with youth. Alicia has spent a decade with the government in drug interdiction work, owns a few companies but has fire in her bones to help support children of incarcerated parents.  Although her background is quite eclectic, she is focused on creating smiling faces and a happy place for these children.  She worked as an educator and counselor in the jail system (Rikers and Nassau) for over 13 years.  During her years, she would often ask the inmates how they felt about being without their children.  Most would express regret, remorse and concern.  They also expressed their plan to spend more time with their kids and be a better role model when they returned home. Alicia felt she could play a small role in putting a smile on a few faces as she embarked in forming C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids.

Alicia Figueras-Lambert is a strong believer that when you build, they shall come.








See What Folks Say About


“I am elated to volunteer with this program as my previous significant other had spent 16 years in prison and I was left to raise our daughter.  So I know first hand the impact of separation,"

Sandra Verene

Suffolk County Sheriff Toulon said he wants to partner with Chela 4 Kids so that these kids do not end up in his office.

Suffolk County Sheriff Eroll Toulon

"As a former inmate for 10 years, I know the affects separation has on the parent..  Very happy to be part of C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids"

Minister Kyle Braunskill

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450 S. Orange Ave., #52 
Orlando, FL  32801

Email:     Phone: 631-741-5616

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