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In 2014 we began hosting an annual holiday party for Children of Incarcerated Parents.  This effort was inspired by Safe Harbor Mentoring Program, created by the late Reverend Roy Kirton to help newly released felons to find their footing when they return to society. 

As each year progressed, more children attended for an afternoon of fun, gifts, food, games and Santa -- everything most children look forward to.  Attendance grew each year! 

In 2018 it was clear that our efforts, participation and results would continue to increase hence the birth of C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids.  a not-for-profit organization.

We now have support groups set up for children of incarcerated parents throughout the Long Island and Queens, NY areas. We are very excited and anticipate an intrinsically rewarding journey.  
Currently, we are now based in Orlando, Florida.


We received a phone call around the Thanksgiving holiday about a woman who was working a respectable 9-5 job, highly respected.  One day she had a court appointment during her workday .  During her court appointment she was arrested and did not return home for 6 months.  Today she is back home and beginning a new job, her child now has P.T.S.D. issues thinking mommy is not going to return home.  This is just one of the many stories and one of the many reasons for C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids.

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